San Andreas RPG is based on all the map
Fast come to discover her



You can even have your own house!


Team Ballas

Join the Ballas, an awesome team !
The sworn enemies of the Groves.


Team Groves

Join the Groves, the original team !
Show which criminal sleeps in you !


Team R.A.I.D

Join the elite police unit and fight the criminals !


Team Vagos

Join the Vagos,
and take part in the Gangs' War !



Join the SWAT and take back the control of LV


Team Biker

Do you like the biker's style ?
So you will love the Biker'S !


Team Rifa

Located between two major cities,
this team has a cool place in SARPG.


Team DEA

Based in SF,
DEA team has to establish and to respect order.

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Name [0.3Z] [EN][FR] Cops And Robbers Bêta v1.00
Gamemode Cops And Robbers
Number of players 0 / 188
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Classement des joueurs inscrits sur le serveur !

Place Joueur Points Joueur régulier CIA Militaire VIP
1 Ghost_Rider 127.915 Ok Ok Ok Ok
2 [B]bart309 124.863 Ok Ok Ok Ok
3 William_Jonhson 122.997 Ok Ok Ok Ok
4 Maserati 118.345 Ok Ok Ok Ok
5 Said_SaidaSaidali 111.857 Ok Ok Ok Ok
6 Floocker 90.020 Ok Ok Ok Ok
7 Yaucan 88.431 Ok Ok Ok Ok
8 Shooters 83.765 Ok Ok Ok Ok
9 Griezmann 83.120 Ok Ok Ok Ok
10 [B]clems4_j7 79.412 Ok Ok Ok Ok
11 youyou_stunt 79.281 Ok Ok Ok Ok
12 MiDiS 72.203 Ok Ok Ok Ok
13 Osmanoxil 71.033 Ok Ok Ok Ok
14 xRoshan 66.753 Ok Ok Ok Ok
15 xDinoV3 66.039 Ok Ok Ok Ok
16 Floreen 65.661 Ok Ok Ok Ok
17 Loki 64.394 Ok Ok Ok Ok
18 [B]Thelss_J7 63.830 Ok Ok Ok Ok
19 Lloyd 61.612 Ok Ok Ok Ok
20 Bamby08 57.288 Ok Ok Ok Ok